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We suggest our customers order exactly what they want and to leave the right information about the order.

You can modify the order or product information Before completing and paying for your order.

Please contact us if any issues arise when placing your order at

In light of the pandemic, deliveries will be slower than usual, so please make allowance for this.

Total delivery time = processing time + shipping time

We aim to process all orders within 5 business days. We do not make deliveries on weekends or bank holidays.

If we are receiving a high volume of orders, there may be an increase in the processing time of up to 7-14 days. This will be communicated to you on the website before you purchase your order. The shipping time is dependent on your choice of shipping method at the checkout.

Because the post office handles your shipment, we cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery. However, we can give you an idea of when the package will arrive. Kindly see our shipping policy and is subject to your shipping choice.

We accept two payment methods online. The first method is via credit card; both Visa card and Mastercard credit card are allowed. The other method is via PayPal; you will be directed to the PayPal login page straightforward.

We can also accept Western Union or bank transfers if you do not have a credit card; please contact us for the payment information after you have decided on your order. Your order will be processed after payments have been received.

Yes, you can choose the PayPal option, and you will be asked to fill in your credit card information to fulfil the transaction.

As an online business, we act much faster in adjusting our prices in response to trends, stock, and customer demand. It’s our general view not to refund the difference.

Basically, the final amount you will pay is just the product’s price plus shipping (if you choose a paid shipping). Sometimes, because of the exchange rate of currency, when the payment finally cleared through the bank, the total amount will be a little different to the product’s price, but it’s only less than 0.5% of the total price.

Please note that we are not responsible for any import or export customs and excise charges or taxes payable concerning your purchase except VAT payable to the UK government.

Please refer to our Lingaury’s shipping and returns policy for details.

Please refer to our Lingaury’s shipping and returns policy for details.

Our position here is generally no. Send us an email at, and we can let you know whether your order has been dispatched and whether we are in a position to consider your request at that point. Remember, there are no guarantees! However, you can return within the stipulated returns policy!

As we use Royal Mail shipping, Lingaury ships to many international destinations.

The weight per item ordered or the total weight of the items within your order, including packaging, will automatically be calculated at check out, so no need to worry.

For any further information or queries, please contact us at for further details.

Lingaury strives to protect any information used on our websites. Your privacy and the privacy of all users of is important to us.

Our policy is based on the principles of notice, choice, access and security in the collection and use of all information regarding our users and their activities at our site.

Read our full privacy policy, which can be found on our website.

Please note that this policy is subject to change at any time by without notice to you.

Very secure. We use the best internet security available from Thawte. All your details are encrypted at every stage of your order. Furthermore, we won’t see any of your card details, so you can rest assured that it is not shared with anyone when you enter these. Not even us. You can shop with confidence.

We hope we never send out a faulty product because we make sure all our products are in top condition before leaving home. But if there is a problem, please refer to our shipping and returns policy for full details.

For further information, please contact

As soon as we receive your return, we will initiate your refund as per our shipping and returns policy. If you feel it has been a little longer than you’d expect, please call us on our contact us page or email us at, and we will be happy to help.

All orders are shipped either through Royal Mail tracked with signature or signed for. Please contact us at if you have any further queries.


Lingaury sunglasses are bold, beautiful, and fashionable. Our sunglasses eliminate solar rays.

Ultraviolet radiation (UVR), in particular the more damaging UVB radiation. UV rays from sunlight can cause damage to the retina and the lens of the eye. Persistent exposure is linked to conditions like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Superior quality sunglasses should meet the industry-standard UV400 rating, and all Lingaury sunglasses meet this standard. They will, therefore, provide the eye with substantial protection against solar UVR, and reducing the amount of UVR that the eye is exposed to over a person’s lifetime will be beneficial.

We are surrounded by UV radiation all the time. The quantity depends on the conditions outside, such as direct sunlight and clouds. UV rays can be reflected.

Our Lingaury sunglasses are beautiful and wide-ranging so that they can be worn all year round.

Generally, sunglasses should be worn outdoors, especially during summer when the level of UVR at noon is about three times as high as that for winter. More importantly, the levels of UVB can be as much as ten times higher.

This is an optical industry standard. It means that the lenses are made to protect your eyes against UV rays up to 400 nanometers in wavelength. Our Lingaury sunglasses do just that!

We have many sunglasses in different ranges and styles and what range or size you should choose depends on your individual needs. However, most of our customers are well suited to the sizes and range that we stock. However, if you have any more questions, please get in touch at, and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Each person face shape and sizes is different, and the glasses that customers buy are based on personal choices and trends.

The following models would fit, although they are wider than your current glasses:

Due to their shape, cat-eye and pilot glasses tend to be wider than their bridge distance.

Sunglasses should have a larger frame width to provide optimal protection against UV rays.

The following models would fit, although they are narrower than your current glasses:

Frames with flexible & thin arm put less pressure on your temples.

Frameless and transparent eyeglass frames are more appealing in smaller to medium sizes due to their subtle design.


We carry a variety of sizes ranging from UK 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Refer to our shoe size chart for the conversion in Europe and the USA

That will depend on your ability to wear these heels in general. Our Lingaury heels are designed to be fashionable and stylish, yet, if you are familiar with wearing heels, these are deceptively comfortable

Heel height is generally measured in inches or cm. Our Lingaury heels are 12cm to 12.5 cm high.

To measure your Lingaury heel height follow these steps:

Place your shoes on a flat surface.

Hold a tape measure against the back of your shoe.

Measure from the highest point on the back of your heel to the point where the shoe meets the top of the heel cap.

Depending on your shoe size, sometimes the heel size won’t be exact to the inch. They might be a little bigger than a full inch or a little smaller.

We do not recommend you do. However, heel height can be adjusted if needed, but usually only by a few millimetres. If high heels are adjusted too much or incorrectly, the shoe’s balance will be affected, causing problems when walking.

Reducing heel height can cause problems. The main problem that reducing the heel height causes is known as ‘kick under’. Kick under is when the heel of the shoes fold under the shoes a little. This happens because the heel isn’t the size it was made to be for the shoe.

If you are keen to purchase one of Lingaury heels but is uncertain as to whether the height is suitable for you or whether you would like to adjust the height, you have two choices:

Wait to see whether Lingaury introduces shoes with slightly lower heel in the future, and I am certain in time we will; or

You can make your purchase and take the shoes to a professional (cobblers) who will then decide whether the shoes can be adjusted and remain wearable.


Human hair: more versatility (can be heat styled and coloured), longer durability and custom styling. The most desirable form, Remy hair, has been cut from a human head of hair, as opposed to residual hair that has fallen or been brushed off.

Synthetic: easy to maintain (wash and wear), less expensive than human hair, easy to style, pre-styled to hold its shape. However, it has limitations not found in real hair that range from heating and styling to texture matching. Choosing between a human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig is more of a personal preference. For example, a person looking for a wig they plan on wearing every day and can heat-style themselves would choose a human hair wig, whereas a person looking for a wig that is easy to maintain and less expensive would choose a synthetic hair wig.

Lace Front Wigs offer the most natural appearance at every angle. Lace front wigs can add to your existing hairline and create an impression of the hair growing from the scalp, thereby making it difficult to discern whether the hair on your head is artificial or natural. Currently, this is what we stock at Lingaury.

Full lace Wigs offer the most natural appearance at every angle. They feature hand-tied hair fibres in a poly-silk mesh base at either the front of the wig or from front to back, creating an undetectable and seamless hairline. Part them in any direction for the ultimate in styling versatility and realism in a wig.

Capless wigs allow your head to stay cooler than solid capped wigs. This is because it is made with less hair and the specific capless construction allows for some air flow to the head and scalp. There are also adjustable straps or hooks at the nape of the neck to secure the wig in place.

Monofilament wigs offer you a cap that is soft to the touch; basically, see-through and very hard to detect. The monofilament weaving allows each strand of hair to move freely and more naturally.

Lingaury does not support customized wigs at present. If you have some special request, please feel free to contact us and, if possible, we will try our best to help you.

Of course you can be daring too! We suggest purchasing a human hair wig because human hair wigs are close to the feel of your own hair. It is comfortable and natural-looking.

See our wig care instructions on the website.

Cleaning the human hair wig: human hair wigs are durable, generally costs more, and has the most natural look and feel of any wig you can buy. They can be dyed and treated the same as any human hair that grows from the scalp. Detangling: gently remove tangles using a wide-tooth comb, working gradually from the ends to the base. Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub or wring. Wash submerges your wig in cool water. Mix in a small amount of shampoo. Soak your wig for 3-5 minutes. Gently swirl without rubbing. Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub or wring.

Cleaning the synthetic wigs: synthetic wigs are less expensive than human hair and is durable. Traditional curling irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers CANNOT be used on synthetic hair fibre. Detangling: gently remove tangles using a wide-tooth comb, working gradually from the ends to the base. Wash submerges your wig in cool water. Mix in a small amount of shampoo for synthetic hair. Soak your wig for 3-5 minutes. Gently swirl without rubbing. Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub or wring. Dry & condition Place on a folding wig stand, spray with a leave-in Conditioner and allow to air dry. DO NOT WRING OR SQUEEZE.

Our hair can last for a very long time under good care. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it, then it will last much longer.

Our synthetic hair care of good quality. Follow our wig care instructions, and it can last for at least 6 months.

Your Lingaury wigs can tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt build-up, saltwater, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily.

Ensure to wash & condition your human hair at least once a week; twice a week is better. Use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help.

For your synthetic wigs, the more often you wear these, the more often they should be washed.

At Lingaury, we aim to ensure that the colour you see is what you will receive. However, sometimes there may be a slight variation because different computer monitors and phone screens have different colour displays.

In addition, as the human hair is hand-dyed, there may be a slight variation in colour from time to time. Likewise, there may be a little colour difference because of the source’s texture and type. Everyone’s hair grows differently.

Human hair has natural protein; it is easy to tell by burning and smelling, human hair will be ash, which will go away after pinching, human hair will smell foul when burning, the human hair will show white smoke.

While synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning and will show black smoke, human hair may have a few grey hairs and split ends; it is normal and not a quality problem.

Our human hair can be coloured.

As a rule, it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the wig as you will get the results you want; colouring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you cannot get to a salon, always use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first.

For our Lingaury brightly coloured human hair wigs, we do not recommend that you re-dye them as they have already been dyed; however, should you feel the need to do so, we recommend you do so professionally consider a temporary dye where possible.

Your synthetic wigs cannot be dyed.

The Wigs can be blow-dried on a low setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often. It is best to let your hair extensions dry naturally after washing them.

Treat your wigs, and in particular your human hair, just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is essential to keep it soft and manageable, so use leave-in conditioners. You can also use gel and hair spray products to keep the curls in place, but make sure to wash your wig and do not leave these products in for a long time.

Recommended shampoos and conditioners:

For Human hair wigs: Pantene PROV or similar for treatment and everyday use: olive oil hair polisher.

For synthetic wigs: same products can be used as human hair. However, a wig spray can also be used to maintain the perfect shine.


Most handbags cannot go into the washer, so prevent stains and dirt as much as possible, especially with our brilliantly designed handbags; after all, the style is in the name.

Handle your Lingaury handbags with clean hands and be careful not to let food or other products stain them.

When you take a handbag to the movies or a restaurant, place it on a chair instead of the floor. Keep items that could stain the interior — pens, makeup, or snacks — zipped into another small bag that you keep inside it. Many handbags can be spot-cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Use leather cleaner on your leather handbags but be sure to do a test patch in an inconspicuous area to check for colour-fastness.

For tricky spots or delicate fabrics, take your handbags to the dry cleaner.

Store your Lingaury handbag in the cloth bag it came with, in a pillowcase or in bubble wrap — but not in tissue paper, which may attract moths.

If there is a chain handle, store it inside the handbag where it can’t scratch the exterior. Unbuckle any buckles and loosen any straps to prevent marks from the metal.

Lingaury is all about being daringly different. Therefore, you can style your handbag in your own unique way, and we dare you to try them with our Lingaury matching hoodie dresses.

Mismatched — but coordinated — accessories can look very modern, so if you like that style, then you can make it work. Many women find this look to be fresher and less fussy.

When your accessories aren’t matching, be sure to maintain a similar feeling; for example, try carrying tote bags with casual shoes but use clutch bags when you’re wearing pretty pumps. But remember, our Lingaury handbags can be worn with casual shoes or pretty pumps, depending on your very own difference.

If you like the classic look of matching your shoes and fashion handbags, then go for it! Matching your bags, shoes, and a belt can be an easy way to look polished.

Make sure you have a handbag that will suit everything you do, and everywhere you go. We have a wide range of designs in our beautiful Lingaury bags.

Remember, though, being daring means going outside the norm and thinking outside the box. People often say, “You wouldn’t want to carry a big shoulder bag when you’re wearing an evening gown, just as you wouldn’t want to carry everything you need for work in a little clutch”. However, at Lingaury, there are no such rules as we dare you to be bold, brave, and beautiful.

The basics are a large handbag, a medium-sized everyday handbag, an evening bag and your Lingaury bag! Once you have at least one of those, fill in your handbag wardrobe based on what you do, where you go, and what you often wear.

The storage compartments in your bag will affect its functionality. Our Lingaury handbags are designed with style and functionality in mind. Be sure to purchase one, and you will love every detail when your handbag arrives


Our Hoodies are pull-over hoodie dresses.

You can get them in 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

We routinely make hoodies dresses in size S, M, L, XL, XXL; see our size charts. We aim to introduce further sizes for our plus-size fans.


Our Jumpsuit comes with a zipper for ease of putting them on.

They come in a mixture of polyester and spandex.

We routinely make our Jumpsuits in size S, M, L, XL; see our size charts. We aim to introduce further sizes for our plus-size fans.

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